Spin Dryer - The Eco Option To Dry Your ClothesSpin dryer

Spin Clothes Dryers – The Economic Ecofreindly Laundry Option

Do you want to cut down your drying times?

Would you like your clothes to last longer?

Do you want more space in your laundry?

Are you concerned about the cost of your laundy requirements?

How about the environment?

Maybe a spin clothes dryer is what you are looking for?

Spin dryers are centrifugal dryers, meaning that they spin at a very fast rate forcing mositure out of the fabrics. They are often also equipped with auxiliary heaters that pass warm air through the system. Dryers of this kind are designed to spin faster than traditional machines to extract more water from the clothes by using gravity instead of extreme heat. Moreover spin dryers are much gentler on the clothes so they will last longer.

As a great laundry appliance, clothes dryers are popular household machines that work hand in hand with washing machines. Spin clothes dryers are about an hour faster than tumble dryers and cause less wear and tear on clothes. Although they use elecricity, the time saving means that they are less expensive to run than traditional electric clothes dryers, and are therefore more economic and better for the environment.

Spin DryerThey are usually cylindrical and slimmer and taller than tumble dryers, depending on load capacity, and are the most easily moveable free standing of laundry appliances.

Spin Dryers come in several sizes and spin speeds. Smaller table top models may run at about 1600RPM, and larger machines at anything up to 4000RPM. Needless to say, the drying times can vary significantly depending on the size and model.

In regard to safety the dryers must be in areas that are well ventilated, and somewhere where the expressed mositure can be drained. This often will simply be via a tube into a sink or bath.

You must also ensure that the spin clothing dryer is stable, and does not fall over during its spin cycle. Attending to the machine while it is working is recommended for this reason.

Combination washers and spin dryers are also available from some stockists, giving you the best of both worlds. However, if laundry space allows, it is sometimes better to have stand alone appliances. A dedicated washer and a dedicated spin dryer will generally give you better results overall. Combination machines are a great option if your space is limited however, and definitely worth considering as a two-in-one purchase.

Certainly, because of their economy and efficiency, it is no surprise that the spin dryer remains a popular appliance for todays laundry requirements!